Elon Musk’s Quest To Sell All His Homes Gets Another Win

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Elon Musk has had another notch of success in his goal of unloading all his Los Angeles properties, which he first offered for sale in a tantalizing series of tweets declaring that he was going to sell almost everything he owns had would have very few possessions.

The first buyer to purchase one of the homes was billionaire William Lei Ding, CEO of Netease

, one of the world’s largest online gaming businesses. Forbes estimates his net worth at $28.2 billion. Lei Ding purchased the largest of Musk’s Bel Air properties, a 7-bed, 11-bath mansion, for $29 million over the summer. This was a million dollars lower than the asking price, but $12 million more than Musk paid for the property in 2012.

The next one to find a buyer was his a 5-bed, 5-bath home, formerly owned by actor Gene Wilder. The listing was removed at the end of August and now property records reveal this one sold for $7 million, down from its $9.5 million asking price. The buyer was an LLC affiliated with none other than Gene Wilder’s nephew, filmmaker Jordan Walker-Pearlman, as Variety reported. Musk paid $6.75 million for it in 2013. When Musk tweeted this home was for sale he also mentioned this requirement: “Just one stipulation on sale: I own Gene Wilder’s old house. It cannot be torn down or lose any of its soul.” Musk must have been motivated to make this purchase possible, since Variety indicates he provided what appears to be as much as $6.7 million in owner financing.

There are still four of his homes in Bel Air for sale, all of which Musk is trying to sell in one bundle for a combined $62.5 million. They range from a 3,00 square foot bungalow he paid $4.3 million for to a 9,300 square feet contemporary which he paid $24.25 million for in 2016. He originally had big plans for all these homes as the listing explains, “A project for the big thinker, designed to showcase one of the best views in Los Angeles.” He will also provide any qualified buyers with a set of the plans that accompany the project.


Musk also owns a Silicon Valley property on 47 acres of land which is asking $35 million and comes with the claim that it is one of the largest privately-held parcels of land in the San Francisco Peninsula. The house on the premises dates to 1916, with 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms spread inside its 16,000 square feet.

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