Xsolla and MobileGO: The Collaboration with a New Vision

MobileGo Xsolla Partnership

The worldwide Xsolla billing platform provides millions of its users with a new payment system — visionary MGO tokens. These coins belong to the MobileGO project that recently raised over $53 m during the last stage of its ICO campaign.

Xsolla is recognized all over the world as a global provider of billing solutions for online games, streaming services, game developers and publishers. MobileGO is a rising project with its own online esports platform (under development) and the app/service allows gamers to earn tokens for playing their favorite game titles. MobileGO offers the chance to pay for in-game items and services with MGO tokens (for example, it may be used to pay for over 500 games and for arranging esports tournaments).

The awesome news! Gamers can pay with MGO tokens in over 500+ games (HTML and mobile titles for now) — a rare achievement in the crypto world. Some more good news — the MGO token is officially the first ever altcoin added to Xsolla. The eSports platform intends to achieve the global status and the partnership with Xsolla is another important step in this strategy.

How do you purchase in-game items on the Xsolla platform with MobileGO’s tokens?

If you own any MGO tokens and want to spend them to pay for a Twitch subscription or Steam’s game, you just go to the Xsolla billing platform and choose these tokens as your payment method. The service will ask you to specify the wallet’s address and the sum you intend to spend. In a few seconds, Xsolla will automatically exchange the tokens and you will get the subscription or game you have paid for with MobileGO’s tokens (for now it’s only available in select countries). Voila, it can’t be simpler to use MGO tokens on the Xsolla’s platform.

What does Xsolla bring to the Collaboration?

Since 2005, Xsolla has strived to build the ultimate payment solutions for gamers all over the world. The company started with only a few online payment options and over the years grew into the largest billing provider in the video game industry.

Gameforge, Bigpoint, Nekki, InnoGames, Travian Games, Wargaming, Golden Worlds, Koramgame, iJetMedia, Mail.ru, Twitch, Ubisoft, Valve, Epic Games and many other publishers, developers, and game-related services collaborate with Xsolla’s ecosystem.

The platform currently supports over 700 billing options, a few thousand online games, and offers custom tools for game developers who intend to integrate monetization into their gaming projects. MobileGO also belongs to the list of long-term Xsolla partners and together they will bring many new payment options for gamers who are also interested in cryptocurrencies.

What are the Unique MobileGO Services?

MGO is a smart token that can facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized esports tournaments for millions of competitive gamers worldwide. The main priority of the service is to deliver a decentralized currency for buying games, in-game items and related services, and earn real money for playing games.

Millions of gamers worldwide will be able to pay with MGO tokens for over 500 game titles (and counting). Thanks to Xsolla, the MGO token has become the first altcoin on this international billing platform that works with Steam, Twitch, and 700+ payment services. 

It’s a revolutionary vision for the whole game industry. Xsolla can help companies to expand their influence and encourage more users to join the growing worldwide community of gamers and crypto-enthusiasts.

Why Should you Pay Attention to this Partnership?

MGO tokens have been adopted by over 500,000,000 users all over the world. Gamers, developers, investors, publishers, and creators are choosing MGO tokens. Such success is easy to explain — MGO is based on transparent business. Reputation, respect, and revolution describe MGO in the best way!

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