Leaders From Mortgage Industry And More Convene Around Property Preservation

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This year’s National Property Preservation Conference is set for November 5-7 in Baltimore. Since 2004, conference attendees from across the mortgage industry and affiliated industries have gathered to dialogue how best to protect and preserve vacant and abandoned properties. The forum grows an informed network “for strengthening partnerships, cooperation, and support throughout the industry, which is imperative to the continued success of all involved in mortgage servicing,” per the conference website. The conference host is Safeguard Properties.

Mortgage field services are the companies, personnel, practices and logistics that work in concert with the mortgage default servicing sector, where the objective of the relationship is property preservation. The goal is to protect property pledged as security under mortgage loans. The reasons for property preservation are obvious. The safeguarding of value and condition is inherent in asset and collateral management. There is compliance and regulation, too; directives which contribute to the complex nature of property preservation.

Businesses and stakeholders with interests in the mortgage field services world are broad-based. Consider the type of entities which attend the National Property Preservation Conference, and are concerned about abandoned, blighted, foreclosed and vacant properties, and are powering the industry with collaboration and action:

  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Government Sponsored Entities
  • Mortgage servicing companies
  • Property preservation companies
  • Construction companies
  • Environmental companies
  • Inspectors
  • Lenders
  • Investors
  • Housing leaders
  • Insurance companies
  • Risk management experts
  • Legal professionals
  • Municipalities

The conference’s keynote speaker will be FEMA Deputy Associate Administrator David I. Maurstad, who leads the delivery of the agency’s risk management, mitigation, and flood insurance programs. He also serves as chief executive of the National Flood Insurance Program, and directs the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program and National Dam Safety Program.

Erin Brockovich is the guest speaker at the National Property Preservation Conference. Hosting the renowned consumer advocate helps to underscore the serious nature of property preservation, in contractually satisfying the client’s requirements, and by doing so within the context of neighborhoods’ expectations and communities’ standards.

“Having an environmental and human advocate like Erin Brockovich at the 2018 National Property Preservation Conference speaks volumes to the importance of property preservation within communities across the country,” said Corporate Communications Advisor Megan Greenwalt of Safeguard Properties.

“Safeguard hosts this national convention with the primary purpose of collecting and reinforcing the behavior and guidelines that prevent neighborhood deterioration, in addition to building best practices to protect and preserve the houses that make up these communities,” Greenwalt said. “Our primary focus is to protect these properties from decay, perform services in a consistent, transparent and high-quality manner, and ensure that the communities we serve are protected.”

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