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The cryptocurrency markets are always changing. Nothing remains static for long, and as an investor, you need the right wallet to help you keep up with these changes.

You’re no beginner. You saw Bitcoin hit $20,000, you invested in Ethereum early on, and you might even have taken part in the major Bitcoin fork that led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash. But all throughout your cryptocurrency investing, you’ve struggled to find the right wallet to store your tokens.

And while major exchanges exist and can store your tokens, you are looking for something that is both liquid and secure.

  • You tried a traditional hardware wallet, you put up with the cumbersome process required to trade and you are paranoid that you might accidentally misplace it and the seed phrase.
  • As new tokens rise in popularity, you also need a wallet that can store the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.
  • And for good reasons, you’re fearful of the other major software wallets because they don’t seem good enough and they lack the features you really want.

Arcana Wallet: A Reliable Multicurrency Wallet Powered By Distributed Cold Storage

When you’re ready to move on from Bitcoin and Ethereum, you need a wallet that can easily store the other cryptocurrencies you need it to. Arcana Wallet currently stores BTC, LTC, ETH, ERC-20, NEO, and NEP5, with support for additional cryptocurrencies always being added.

But it does so much more than just store your crypto, it provides you with the flexibility you need to let your crypto work for you while still keeping the security of a cold wallet.

How is that possible?

Arcana Wallet uses Net-Gapped Machines to store your tokens in cold storage. Arcana’s cold storage computers are not connected to the network and any computers interacting with them must pass a series of encryptions before any transfers can take place. This creates a high degree of security for your tokens, but still provides you with all the flexibility you need to move them quickly and without the fear of misplacing hardware wallets or losing everything to a malfunctioning hard drive.

Automatically Claim Forks and ERC20 Mainnet Swaps

The cryptocurrency community doesn’t always agree on things. Just look at Bitcoin’s major fork for proof. Should any of your tokens experience a fork, or your ERC20 token is ready for a mainnet swap, Arcana Wallet automatically claims those rewards for you and will provide you with the new token.

We make this process as simple as possible because no one likes downtime. In addition, if crypto trading isn’t your day job, then it saves you a lot of time.

Track Your Portfolio’s Performance

When you’re trading several cryptocurrencies, it can be difficult to stay up to date on price changes, major events, and other catalysts that influence token prices.

Arcana Wallet comes with an interactive portfolio tracker to help you manage your positions so that you can make informed decisions.

With Arcana Wallet, you can quickly see the prices, upload your tokens, interact with the markets however you want. Our wallet makes this process easier because we know how quickly things can change when major events take place. We believe fewer steps are always better.

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