Crypto World Cup Day 11: Tom Lee vs. Justin Sun

Tom Lee Justin Sun

Day 11 of the Crypto World Cup has come to completion but who ended the day on top?

Sunday’s matches included:

  1. Tom Lee vs. Justin Sun
  2. Andreas Antonopoulos vs. Jack Dorsey
  3. Don Tapscott vs. Warren Buffett

In matchday one, Andreas Antonopoulos defeated Warren Buffet 2-1. Jack Dorsey defeated Don Tapscott 2-1 and CryptoYoda defeated Erik Voorhees 3-1.

If you don’t know them all yet, meet the players of the Crypto World Cup.

Check out the results and highlights of today’s games

Match 1: Tom Lee 1-6 Justin Sun

Justin Sun had quite a day today. The Tron Founder ended up scoring six points this match, soaring past the Bitcoin analyst – Tom Lee. Sun scored within the first 8 minutes of the match and will face off against Satoshi Nakamoto this coming Thursday.

Lee will compete against Jed McCaleb this Thursday as well.

Match 2: Andreas Antonopoulos 2-2 Jack Dorsey

Andreas Antonopoulos and Jack Dorsey put up a tough match today which ended in a draw. Jack Dorsey scored the first goal within the first 11 minutes of the match. The match was a nailbiter as there were a total of five yellow cards thrown.

On Thursday, Jack Dorsey will face off against the notorious crypto bear Warren Buffet. Andreas Antonopoulos also has a matchup that day and will be facing Don Tapscott. Check back with us for the results of this match!

Match 3: Don Tapscott 0-3 Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet won by a grand slide in today’s matchup against Don Tapscott. I’m sure the cryptocurrency community was displeased with the match’s outcome, is Buffet is often critically vocal of cryptocurrency to the media.

Andrea Antonopoulos better watch out, as I’m sure Don Tapscott will be stewing from his 0-3 defeat today. The underdog is always the one to watch out for, especially if they have nothing to lose.

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