(What’s the Story) Ripple? Amex Might Add XRP; XRP Ledger Changed


Ripple (XRP) started the week off making headlines, and it appears to be ending the week in the same way. On Monday, we saw positive Ripple news hit the market. First, the company donated $50M to Universities across the globe. Second, XRP was listed on the SBI Holdings crypto exchange.

Today, we have seen both positive and negative Ripple news surface. Before we get to that, let’s take a quick look at some XRP price news.

Ripple (XRP) Price News | June 8, 2018

Most virtual currencies are in the red today. XRP is currently selling for $0.66. This puts XRP down 1.66% in the past twenty-four hours

Source: CoinMarketCap.

XRP is the third largest digital currency by market cap. Currently, XRP has a market cap of $26.35B.

Do you think it will be able to hit $30B any time soon?

Ripple News

As mentioned, the crypto and payments startup has had a busy week. The donations and the launch of the SBI Holdings crypto exchange is just the tip of the iceberg, proving that the Ripple effect is indeed true, and has quite the hold on mainstream media.

Ripple News – American Express Might Add XRP Payments

At Money 20/20 Europe, American Express and Ripple went on stage together and discussed cross-border payments. Ripple also published a post on its website, detailing the collaboration between the two companies.

Here’s what we know about American Express thinking about adding XRP payments. Right now, American Express already uses the company’s xCurrent. They do so to process various payments. However, the latest information has indicated that American Express is looking to further this use, and develop fraud prevention services. These services will be a part of its cross-border payment solution, which occurs on the company’s blockchain.

Ripple News – XRP Ledger Implemented

Word has surfaced that the XRP Ledger has been implemented. Specifically, the developers of the XRP Ledger have put into action a change that caps the transaction fee. The XRP Ledger was implemented with a max transaction fee after a user reportedly burned 100K XRP in transaction fees on the XRP Ledger.

Ripple News – Second Kuwaiti Bank Joins

This news was announced a few days ago, but people seem to only be clueing in now. Therefore, we thought it would be wise to mention it.

On June 6, the company announced that the KFH Group has joined RippleNet.

The Takeaway

What did you think about all the news announced this week? Did you have a favorite? Or, was there an announcement that frustrated you?

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